Sunday | December 10, 2017
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Letters: 6-18-17

June 18, 2017 - 12:05am

You can’t blame Democrats for this carnage

Did Donald Trump not realize when he suggested people might have to resort to what he called “Second Amendment remedies” it just might come back to haunt and hurt the Republicans? Did he not realize this idea might also trigger an unbalanced mind of a different political persuasion to use a a firearm against a politician of a different stripe?

As more people lose prescription medicine and health care coverage under Trump Care, I fear more of these mentally fragile individuals will take matters into their own hands. I hope the silver lining to this tragedy is that the Republicans, having now personally experienced the destruction that military-style weapons can cause, will enact common sense gun control legislation. After all, the shooter in this incident had a history of violence, but was still able to buy the guns before he drove to Washington, D.C., to carry out Trump’s suggested “Second Amendment remedy.”

The “team” targeted for slaughter recently passed legislation permitting people with a history of mental illness to be able to buy any style gun. How’s that working out for you Republicans? You can’t blame the Democrats for this carnage.

During the shooting, victims playing ball were able to “hear” the shots, orient themselves to the direction of the shooter and run for cover. Witnesses “heard” shoots and were able to determine that an active shooting was in progress so they called 911. Law enforcement officers were able to “hear” the gunshots to quickly locate and stop the shooter saving more lives in the process.

If the Hearing Protection Act, regarding silencers for firearms, is passed by the Republicans, this life-saving “hearing” information will be made unavailable to victims, witnesses and first responders. Our Founding Fathers had no idea these types of weapons, which are able to kill so many people in a matter of seconds, would ever be invented, much less be available to sick individuals determined to kill children, co-workers and our lawmakers. Ain’t America just grand?

Marian Hughes


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